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Strategies for Increasing Profit Margins: 12 Traits of Highly Profitable Trucking Companies

July 26, 2023


In their decades-long careers supporting the trucking industry in various capacities, KSM Transport Advisors’ Chris Henry and David Roush have observed a number of key traits that are common in highly profitable trucking companies. Henry and Roush recently joined Spencer Tenney, president and CEO of The Tenney Group, as guests on the video series, “In the Hot Seat,” to highlight a few of these characteristics.

Their discussion focused on best practices implemented by carriers who have learned how to use operational efficiencies and other industry conditions to their advantage to increase profitability. The ideas shared by Henry and Roush are part of The 12 Traits of Highly Profitable Trucking Companies, KSMTA’s monthly blog series which provides actionable methods for any trucking organization to use to help set the course for improved margins and organizational culture.

“In the Hot Seat” is a unique industry video series designed to bring timely expertise to business owners from across the transportation industry spectrum. It is produced and hosted by The Tenney Group, the only merger and acquisition advisory firm that has been dedicated to the transportation industry since 1973.

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