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Video: Almack Encourages Trucking Owners to Improve Operations by Participating in a Benchmarking Survey

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Tim Almack, partner in charge of Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Transportation Services Group, discusses the KSM & McLeod Software Operations Performance Benchmarking Project, which aims to provide an operations level benchmark for the trucking industry.

This initiative, created jointly by KSM and McLeod Software, seeks to break new ground in giving truckload carriers the opportunity to measure the real performance of their operations against their peers.

“As most CEOs know, we are in this continuous feedback sort of world,” said Almack. “There’s a growing volume of, and variety of, data and the winners are going to be the ones who can capture that data and turn it into action to increase profitability and operating efficiency.”

The benchmarking survey of operating metrics examines several aspects that are common performance indicators for every truckload carrier.

  • People and headcount by category or role
  • Fuel consumption, expense, purchasing, and efficiency
  • Revenue miles, rates, and surcharges
  • Equipment counts and actual utilization
  • Safety profiles

And to create the truly valuable peer comparisons, the survey will segregate the benchmark data by several criteria that give carriers the chance to compare their metrics with their true peer group.

  • Carriers of a similar size
  • Carriers with the same equipment types
  • Carriers with a similar length of haul

“The more carriers we get to participate in the survey, the more meaningful the results will be,” said Almack.

For more information about joining this benchmarking project, contact Tim Almack at 317.580.2000 or The deadline for submissions to be included in the 2013 benchmark report is July 1, 2014.

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