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Filing Deadlines for New Indiana Form NP-20R

April 22, 2024

Beginning this year, Indiana not-for-profit organizations are required to file a new form – Form NP-20R (formerly NP-20). For organizations required to file Form NP-20R, this filing is now due every five years and must be filed through the organization’s Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine (INTIME) account. Previously, many firms prepared the NP-20 return for clients to file along with their annual Form 990. However, this timeline is no longer applicable.

The NP-20R filing deadlines are based on the last two digits of the organization’s federal identification number (FEIN). For existing not-for-profit organizations, the deadlines are as follows:

  • FEIN ends in 00 through 24: May 15, 2024
  • FEIN ends in 25 through 49: May 15, 2025
  • FEIN ends in 50 through 74: May 15, 2026
  • FEIN ends in 75 through 99: May 15, 2027

Newly established not-for-profit organizations will be assigned a five-year due date cycle upon registration. (Note: If the not-for-profit organization was formed after July 1, 2022, please pay special attention to the registration documents that were provided by the state and the information available in the INTIME portal regarding the assigned five-year cycle and next filing due date.)

Organizations should attach the most recently filed Form 990 to the NP-20R filing when they submit it through INTIME. Organizations may set up an INTIME account here if one has not already been established.

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