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HITRUST Engagement Spotlights KSM's Hi-Touch Service Delivery


Phoenix Innovate is a data-driven marketing firm that relies on extensive analysis of its clients’ audience data to create tailored solutions for the businesses that seek its help. Because Phoenix Innovate’s processes are dependent on access to sensitive client data, the business maintains multiple data protection certifications. These certifications provide assurance to clients that their vital information is closely guarded.

KSM was in the process of performing a SOC 2 engagement for a business that Phoenix Innovate recently acquired. The leadership at Phoenix Innovate was so impressed with the thoroughness, insights, and responsiveness of KSM’s professionals that the company asked KSM to bid on the business’ upcoming annual HITRUST assessment.

The Challenge

Phoenix Innovate strives for excellence – so much so that it claims “good enough is rarely good OR enough.” The challenge for KSM was to match this high standard of excellence in its HITRUST assessment.

The Solution

The KSM team understood early on that Phoenix Innovate was looking for more than a vendor that would perform the basic testing and check boxes. The client wanted a professional services team that would understand the full context of what the business was trying to do for its clients and how important it was to do more than just meet the standards of HITRUST certification. Phoenix Innovate was looking to go the extra mile in protecting its clients’ sensitive information.

Throughout the HITRUST examination process, the KSM team made important recommendations about everything from the HITRUST certification process to areas that could be improved. The team was knowledgeable, professional, polite, and highly responsive. What’s more, KSM’s professionals maintained an engaged, collegial atmosphere that significantly lowered the stress of the process.

The Result

KSM’s high-touch professional approach and superior technical acumen did more than just deliver the HITRUST assessment in a timely manner and at high quality. The team did exceptional work in creating significant trust-based relationships along the way. The company passed its HITRUST certification with flying colors and continues to work closely with KSM to maintain compliance with the HITRUST framework going forward.

There’s a distinction between ‘vendors’ and ‘partners.’ Vendors do basic things necessary to help us achieve our certification. Partners are more engaged. I learned early on that KSM was the kind of partner I wanted to work with.

– John Holloway, Vice President of IT Infrastructure & Security, Phoenix Innovate

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