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Trucking Retention Council Helps Companies Stabilize Their Workplace

December 14, 2022

Ray Haight

Imagine being surrounded by transportation professionals who are hyper-focused on the successful recruitment and retention of the industry’s professional truck operators. This group will share and compare retention and recruitment related data with full disclosure. Participants will reveal their successes and failures in tackling many of the common challenges carriers regularly face concerning this industry-wide issue.

The KSM Transport Advisors Trucking Retention Council

The Trucking Retention Council (TRC) was developed as a new KSM Transport Advisors (KSMTA) service offering to help carriers address the recruiting and retention issue that has plagued the trucking industry for years. The TRC consists of a manageable group of carriers who will compare information and experiences. This forum will reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly, which is where significant progress can be made. The TRC includes two in-person meetings and 10 virtual monthly group check-ins.

One + One + One = Seven

There’s a saying that goes “one plus one plus one equals seven.” This notion starts with one person suggesting an idea to a group. The majority of the group disagrees with this idea; yet one person sees a nugget of gold. After some open and honest discussion, the idea is better fleshed out and the whole group is focused on creating and developing a great new process or solution to an existing problem. This may not always be the case – some ideas just may not work – but it’s a good reminder that no idea is ever bad; it can turn out to be a conduit to a better plan.

Learning From Like-Minded Peers to Help With Recruiting and Retention

A common proverb is “a rising tide lifts all boats.” However, the opposite is also true: “a falling tide sinks all ships.” There has been a “falling tide” for far too long in the trucking industry. Isn’t it strange, though, that there are always outliers in every group? There are many transportation companies who may even be direct competitors who buck the trend. They thrive with turnover below 20% while the industry average is in the triple digits. The turnover that all carriers have become accustomed to is not reflective of this great industry’s past and there must be a better way forward.

Members of the TRC aim to excel in creating the stable workforce necessary to become a preferred carrier in their company’s respective market. Think of what could be learned from like-minded peers and competitors that might generate new ideas for recruiting and retention efforts. TRC discussions will cover the hiring process and associated costs, turnover rates and reasons that drivers leave, how technology can play a significant role, onboarding and training practices, and many other factors that impact overall recruiting and retention.

When thinking about companies that are perennial award winners in safety, retention, Best Fleets to Drive For, etc., a question always comes up: what do they have that the rest of their competitors do not? All trucking companies have trucks and trailers, they move freight, and so on. Physically nothing is different. But culturally, it’s a different story. The outliers have found a way to allow drivers to become comfortable in their surroundings and take pride in their roles at their respective carriers. The drivers ride for the brand and the carriers follow a formula to achieve success, but never lose sight of their core values and how integral the person behind the wheel is to their business.

How the Trucking Retention Council Can Help

Will joining the TRC help carriers turn the corner on their recruiting and retention challenges? It undoubtedly will, but carriers who put in the most effort will see the biggest benefits. To see if “one plus one plus one” might work for your company, join the forward-looking, award-winning carriers that are already part of this group. Additional details can be found here or by completing this form.

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