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KSMTA Trucking Retention Council (TRC)

What Is the Trucking Retention Council?

One of the best ways to ensure your trucking business remains efficient and successful is by retaining a stable workforce. Improving the lives of drivers is a key part of driving cultural and operational change to improve retention in the most important component of the North American supply chain. On top of that, creating a stable environment for your employees can lead to a more efficient and profitable trucking operation.

KSM Transport Advisors (KSMTA) has created a peer group of like-minded professionals to share best practices with a core focus of improving the rate of employee and owner-operator retention within each of our respective businesses.

The objectives of this group are to:

  • Share proven retention and hiring strategies and techniques that we’ve implemented with success, as well as those initiatives that may not have turned out the way they were intended (but were better for process improvement)
  • Drive cultural change in member organizations to improve retention
  • Identify trends and practices with respect to employee engagement and development
  • Identify common measurements and data elements to track retention
  • Identify common measurements and data elements to potentially predict turnover – before it happens

The Trucking Retention Council (TRC) will be open to recruiting and retention professionals within the transportation industry and those transitioning into these roles.

What Does the Program Include?

The TRC consists of a series of 12 in-person and virtual meetings, where participants will actively learn about and discuss the objectives listed above. We will hold two in-person meetings at a mutually convenient location and host 10 virtual monthly group check-in meetings. Additionally, KSMTA will host and moderate a private online peer forum to collaborate on topics and strategies of interest to the group.

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About Your Facilitator

Ray Haight is a second-generation trucker. His career in trucking has evolved from a single truck owner-operator to owning and managing a large trucking company. He knows firsthand the importance of how a stable workforce and thriving culture leads to greater profitability and sustainability. Ray now assists carriers in a consulting capacity, focusing on retention, strategic planning, and providing valuable coaching services to executives.

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