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Understanding How Freight Network Engineering Leads to Profitable Trucking Operations

August 21, 2020


The transportation industry has always operated in a cyclical manner, where prosperous times are followed by times which are not so lucrative. How can truckload carriers beat the market in all cycles to guarantee profitability and survival? That’s where a freight network strategy comes into play.

On Aug. 19, 2020, David Roush, president, KSM Transport Advisors, and Sherri Brumbaugh, president/CEO, Garner Trucking, Inc., discussed how freight network engineering leads to profitable trucking operations during the FreightWaves Carrier Summit. Topics covered in this fireside chat-style discussion include:

  • How to craft a freight network strategy and why it is important
  • The pros and cons of math-based decisions regarding freight profitability and pricing
  • Why it is important to operate in a defined geographic footprint
  • The value of hauling “cheap” freight to balance the network
  • Case study of Garner Trucking’s post-COVID path
  • How understanding the above data points benefit or affect a trucking operation

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