Helping Physician Groups, Hospitals & Health Systems Thrive.

Navigating the changing healthcare landscape

The healthcare industry is consolidating. With industry reform creating new incentives for hospitals and physicians to work together, a record number of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and affiliations are transforming the healthcare landscape like never before.

At Katz, Sapper & Miller, we are already there.

The right partner is always a difference-maker. Unmatched experience, customized client service and a detailed knowledge of the emerging healthcare business model have made KSM's Healthcare Resources Group a preferred provider of tax and accounting services, consulting, fair market value assessments and valuations for the complete spectrum of hospitals, physician groups, surgery centers and healthcare management teams.

The stage is set for a new era in healthcare. Regardless of your area of expertise or the size of your organization, our dedicated team has the strategic insights to help you cope with change, protect your profits and achieve your goals.

Problem Solvers, Trusted Partners

An in-depth understanding of the latest industry changes is critical to any healthcare organization's success. Here are three ways KSM will address your complex, healthcare-related concerns so you can focus on delivering your patients the highest level of care.

Unique Insights

Our firm grasp of the evolving healthcare dynamic helps clients capitalize on every opportunity.

Creative Solutions

Clients turn to us for fresh thinking and forward-looking approaches to their challenges.

Deep Bench

Our 25 dedicated healthcare employees bring a broad range of disciplines to every client need.

Healthy insights, for all of your tax & accounting needs

Struggling to maintain your overhead? Trying to make sense of the ever-changing maze of healthcare laws? These are more than straightforward challenges. Finding the right answers directly impacts your bottom line.

Count on KSM. Our dedicated team of accounting and tax advisors has a proven track record of meeting the needs of a broad range of healthcare providers, from health systems to surgery centers to physician groups of all sizes. Whether you are starting a new practice, creating a new affiliation or multi-specialty group, or need help understanding the latest reimbursement models, we have the scope, depth and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Let us help you tackle today’s complex business challenges, so you can focus on delivering your patients the highest level of care.

Our services include:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Business tangible personal property tax returns
  • Compensation plan design and review
  • Preparation of financial analysis and information packets (including benchmarking data)
  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Bookkeeping review and assistance
  • Audits and reviews
Tax & Accounting Contacts
David B. Charles
 Lisa A. Curry

Strategic insights centered around you

The impact of healthcare reform on hospitals and physician groups is causing systemic change in both reimbursement and operations. Hospitals are redesigning certain aspects of their operations, mindful of not compromising their competitiveness. Physician groups are responding to changing rules regarding reimbursement, even as they consider new revenue streams.

Making sense of the emerging healthcare model, and making the most of it, is why so many healthcare organizations turn to KSM. Whether you are a hospital, a multi-specialty physician group, or a single-specialty physician group, we help you stay one step ahead of the shifts taking place in the industry. Our experienced, knowledgeable consultants provide the personalized attention required to ensure solutions are tailor-made to your organization’s needs.

Our services include:

  • Strategy
    • Strategic planning
    • Market assessments
    • Governance structure review
  • Physician/Hospital Strategy
    • Physician/hospital alignment and integration
    • Accountable care assessments and strategies
  • Operations
    • Performance improvement
    • Service line development
    • Service specific institutes
    • Centers of excellence
    • Operational review and assessment
  • Finance
    • Financial due diligence
    • Financial improvement
    • Budgeting
    • Revenue cycle review
Consulting Contacts
David B. Charles
 George C. Batalis
 David G. Blish

Fair market value assessments, indispensable advice

Fair market value assessments are affected by many factors, and they are constantly in flux. Changes to healthcare laws and industry regulations demand scrutiny of all valuation opinions. At the same time, statutory and regulatory limitations require healthcare organizations to obtain independent fair market assessments.

At KSM, we help keep your provider relationships in line with emerging trends. These include physician integration into hospital systems, co-management arrangements with larger, independent physician groups, or tying incentive compensation to non-production metrics. Expert insights, delivered in a timely fashion, coupled with our personalized attention to detail, give our clients the confidence they need to stay compliant and current with the evolving healthcare valuation landscape.

Attorneys, hospital executives and health system business development leaders have all benefited from KSM’s dedicated valuation expertise. The secret to our success is simple. Our consulting, advisory and analytical expertise is focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Contractual arrangements that our experienced consultants assess include:

  • Full- and part-time provider employment 
  • Medical administrative services 
  • Co-management services 
  • Professional services agreements (PSA)
  • Call coverage services 
  • Physician leadership services 
  • Academic services 
FMV Contacts
Steven A. Warner
 Aaron J. Brezko
 Brad Reay

Mergers, acquisitions & unparalleled personal service

You know the healthcare industry is evolving. Employer costs are rising. Physician groups are being purchased by hospitals and third parties. Reimbursement models are being updated. The list of changes can seem endless. You also know that the ability to successfully adapt to these changes is critical to your success.

At KSM, our dedicated transaction specialists help healthcare systems and physician groups adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape. Clients turn to us to help them expand their businesses, make their organizations more efficient, grow their profits and ensure their long-term health. Our expertise allows us to coordinate transactional projects, conduct valuations and analyze multiple agreements, tax-related concerns and regulatory issues. We do it with the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry in mind. Our ability to interact with professionals from across the medical industry has been an invaluable service for our clients.

When the future of your business is on the line, the right partner makes all the difference. At KSM, our transaction team knows the territory, understands the stakes and is personally committed to your success.

Our services include:

  • Transaction design and structure
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Physician compensation system design and implementation
  • Fair market value analysis and opinions
  • Billing office review
  • Coding and billing
  • Compensation plan design and review
  • Strategic planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Merger and consolidation assistance
Transactions Contacts
Michael N. Heaton
 Amber R. Moore

Valuation solutions for every healthcare challenge

With regulatory scrutiny in the healthcare industry on the rise, the need for exacting, up-to-date valuations has never been greater. At KSM, our Valuation Services Group has the in-depth expertise to deliver. Our experienced professionals regularly perform valuations for healthcare transactions, including for hospital acquisitions of physician practices and other physician-owned services.

In today’s highly regulated marketplace, the acquisition process can be long and complicated. We ensure that all parties understand the steps involved in this process. We strive to reach a fair market value conclusion that takes into account Stark Law, as well as other kickback regulations. Our motivation is plain. We value our clients' success.

Healthcare entities that our experienced Valuation Services Group assists include:

  • Hospitals
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Surgery centers
  • Imaging centers
  • Physician practices
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
Valuations Contacts  
Daniel M. Rosio
 Steven A. Warner