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How To Develop a Better Culture at Your Veterinary Hospital

August 31, 2022

Veterinary Services Group

Did you know that employee engagement can impact your veterinary hospital’s bottom line? According to Gallup research, business units with high levels of engagement have 21% greater profitability, and an analysis of veterinary-specific data showed a similar pattern. Having happy workers can lead to lower turnover and improved customer satisfaction – and more dollars in your pocket.

So, how do you build employee engagement and a great culture? It may be surprising, but money and benefits aren’t always the primary motivating factors when it comes to engaged employees. In today’s workforce, employees value being heard, respected, and having a sense of purpose. By taking a few small steps, your hospital can boost employee retention, client satisfaction, and profitability – not to mention create a more enjoyable workplace. Here are just a few easy ways you can improve employee engagement:

  • Communicate often and well. Make feedback and recognition for a job well done a priority. Don’t wait until review time to encourage and compliment your team. Say thank you often and call out great work. If a correction is needed, take a gentle, respectful approach.
  • Form an employee satisfaction committee. Curate a culture of team building and valuing others for their strengths. Encourage feedback and open discussion about concerns.
  • Focus on work-life balance. If possible, allow for flexible work schedules and educate workers on how to avoid burnout. Keep expectations reasonable and encourage wellness.
  • Show empathy. Everyone appreciates feeling heard. Make a point to listen to employees’ concerns. Make sure your team feels appreciated and seen as humans, not just employees.

For more tips on improving hospital profitability, download the Veterinary Guide to Best Practices, Vol. 6, or contact us.

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