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The Outpatient Arena: A Key to Healthcare Reform

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In many regions across the continental United States, patients are demanding greater convenience, access, and quality in the medical care they receive. Hospitals that want to capture a larger piece of the high growth markets are investing in ambulatory care and outpatient services. Between 2009 and 2010, ambulatory care and outpatient services rose 17 percent, outpacing growth in categories such as inpatient care, physician services and prescription drugs. One of the main goals of the Affordable Care Act is preventative service and reaching the patient or consumer before they end up in a hospital emergency room. Urgent care centers, outpatient clinics, retail pharmacies and health/wellness clinics are all signs of the movement into the outpatient arena.

Outpatient care comprises at least 40 percent of U.S. health system spending and total outpatient spending is projected to reach $182 billion in 2013. The growth in outpatient services can be linked directly to technological advances that have allowed smaller incisions to make procedures quicker and less complicated, as well as the move away from emergency room treatments. Ambulatory care and outpatient centers provide hospitals an effective method for reaching profitable patients and providing convenience to the consumer. In an article published by Becker's Hospital Review, the benefits of the movement toward ambulatory care are highlighted with interesting facts and figures.

What do you think about hospitals shifting their focus to outpatient care? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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