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Medicare Re-enrollment for Physicians: Another Anti-Fraud Effort

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In an effort to weed out physicians and other providers that are not eligible to participate in the Medicare program, over 1.4 million current enrollees will have to go through a re-enrollment process. The re-enrollment period is 60 days and revalidation requests will be issued continuously between now and March 2013.  A breakdown of the on number of various providers needing to re-enroll by provider type can be found here

The online edition of American Medical News had a nice write up here.

Clearly, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is a large part of many providers' business and failure to re-enroll timely in the Medicare program could have disastrous consequences.

From a practical standpoint, providers must not allow any delays, misunderstandings, and miscommunications to interfere with participation, as this would be damaging to revenue. This is another topic to the agenda for any physician practice strategic planning meeting.

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