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FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update No. 2012-05, Statement of Cash Flows (Topic 230): Not-for-Profit Entities

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The FASB issued Accounting Standards Update No. 2012-05, Statement of Cash Flows (Topic 230): Not-for-Profit Entities: Classification of the Sale Proceeds of Donated Financial Assets in the Statement of Cash Flows on October 22, 2012. The update sets forth guidance on the classification of cash receipts from the sale of certain donated financial assets, such as investment securities, in the statement of cash flows. Prior to this ASU, Not-for-Profit (NFP) entities would classify these cash flows as either investing cash flows or as either operating or financing cash flows dependent upon how they classified cash inflows resulting from cash contributions.

Under this update, NFPs will classify the cash receipts from the sale of donated financial assets consistent with where the NFP classifies its cash donations received when the sales of the financial assets donated is nearly immediately converted to cash without any NFP-imposed limitations for the sale. Under this scenario, the cash flows would be recorded as an operating cash flow, as long as there is no donor restricted use imposed for long-term purposes. If there is a restriction imposed for the use for long-term purposes, then the cash receipts should be classified in financing activities. If the financial assets are not nearly immediately converted to cash, then at the time a sale does occur, the cash inflows will be classified as cash flow from investing activities for the NFP.

ASU No. 2012-05 is effective prospectively for fiscal years, and interim periods within those years, beginning after June 15, 2013. Retrospective application to all prior periods presented upon the date of adoption is permitted.

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Justin Hayes is a director in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Audit and Assurance Services Group as well as being a member of the Not-for-Profit and Governmental Services Groups. Justin works with clients to help them avoid risk and maximize efficiencies by keeping an eye on their bottom line and helping ensure accurate financial reporting. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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