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Resnick in Indianapolis Business Journal: Creativity Puts United Way Over the Top

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The [United Way 2011] campaign results speak for themselves. You’ve probably heard the 2011 campaign total reached a record $40.6 million, which was $2.3 million more than was raised in 2010.

United Way of Central Indiana CEO Ellen Annala credits [Marianne] Glick with “reenergizing the base and attracting new givers to the mission.” I know Glick feels this was one big team effort. And it was.

First and foremost, thanks to all of the individuals and companies who gave unselfishly of their time and donated money. In addition to Marianne Glick, congratulations to Annala and her entire staff and volunteers. Thanks also go to outgoing United Way board chair David Resnick, managing partner at Katz Sapper & Miller. Leadership during his two-year term was stellar. Work by board members, company CEOs and their management teams, campaign chairs and their committees within companies, and many others helped make the 2011 campaign special. Thank you.

This article excerpted from the Indianapolis Business Journal. For the full text, please click here.

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