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Is an ESOP the Right Succession Plan for Your Trucking Company?

What will happen to the trucking company that you’ve spent a lifetime building when you retire? Can selling to an ESOP make the transition of your company and the start of your retirement any easier?

The use of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) as a succession plan for trucking companies has become an attractive alternative to selling to a third party. ESOPs offer a variety of advantages, such as reducing tax liabilities for both the shareholders and the business and fostering a culture of ownership by rewarding employees for their service and loyalty. Additionally, ESOPs play an even more important role in a succession plan: they provide a simple mechanism for transferring ownership over time, while providing more flexibility to existing owners than a third-party sale ever could.

This whitepaper explains the ESOP structure and explores an ESOP’s benefits to employees, shareholders, and company owners. It also provides insight on how transportation companies are using this unique business position to their advantage.


Andy Manchir Partner, Business Valuation & ESOP Services
Dan Sailer Director, Valuation Services

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