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Veterinary Goals for 2021: Client Reengagement and Appointment Compliance

January 31, 2021

Veterinary Services Group

Now that the new year has begun, many veterinary hospital owners are reviewing their business strategies and goals for the year ahead. To start the year off on the right foot, consider focusing on improving client appointment compliance and reengaging clients that are past due.

This can be accomplished by reviewing reports from your practice management system. Once you’ve identified clients who didn’t visit the hospital in 2020, you can then send them reminders to schedule an appointment. Depending on how many clients are past due, it may be best to stagger the reminders over a period of time to help prevent bottlenecks in the appointment books.

Each week you should review the past-due reports to confirm that clients are receiving the reminders and assess if they are scheduling appointments. By reaching out to these clients proactively, you’ll not only be helping to increase the hospital’s revenue, you’ll be ensuring that their pets are receiving the proper veterinary care.

For more information on how you can navigate these changing times, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center or contact KSM’s veterinary consultants.

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