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The Many Reasons To Value Your Trucking Company Now

September 17, 2021

Dan Rosio, partner in KSM’s Valuation Services Group, recently joined Spencer Tenney, president and CEO of The Tenney Group, as a guest on their video series, “In the Hot Seat.” The video focused on the many reasons a transportation company should consider obtaining an updated business valuation.

The discussion touched on common misconceptions about valuing a trucking company, reasons why a valuation may be needed, how a business valuation factors into the sale of a trucking company, why business owners may resist engaging in this important analytical process, and more.

“In the Hot Seat” is a unique industry video series designed to bring timely expertise to business owners from across the transportation industry spectrum. It is produced and hosted by The Tenney Group, the only merger and acquisition advisory firm that has been dedicated to the transportation industry since 1973.

Dan Rosio Partner, Valuation Services

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