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Should You Sell Your Transportation Company to an ESOP?

September 9, 2022


Companies across all industries can benefit in many ways from forming an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). However, this underrepresented business model can sometimes be daunting for trucking companies to explore based on fears that it is too complex and costly.

KSM’s Andy Manchir recently joined The Tenney Group’s president and CEO, Spencer Tenney, for an episode of “In the Hot Seat” to discuss the ESOP opportunity. Andy explains the make-up of an ESOP, common misunderstandings, and the overall pros and cons of the ESOP exit for the transportation business owner.

“In the Hot Seat” is a unique industry video series designed to bring timely expertise to business owners from across the transportation industry spectrum. It is produced and hosted by The Tenney Group, the only merger and acquisition advisory firm that has been dedicated to the transportation industry since 1973.

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