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NCEO Webinar: Engaging Employees To Think Like Owners: ESOP Business Literacy

July 26, 2023


Employee engagement is a key component for the success of any ESOP, and teaching employees to think like owners is the first step. Explaining concepts such as the basic ESOP structure and its applicable business and accounting topics will provide the necessary foundation. It will also help employees understand how those concepts influence the value of their ESOP account.

In KSM’s recent webinar discussion in partnership with the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), KSM’s Mark Flinchum, Andy Manchir, and Zach Kubly discussed best practices for:

  • Growing your employees’ financial literacy
  • Learning what impacts cash flow and how that translates to company value
  • Understanding valuation practices and how your company value is determined
  • How everyday employee activities contribute to the bottom line and affect the ESOP’s share price

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