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How To Increase Profits by Bridging the Knowing Doing Gap

September 1, 2021


Learn more about the processes or tools trucking companies use to implement profit improvement strategies for increased success. During this webinar, KSM’s Tim Almack led a panel discussion featuring Mark Walker, chairman and CEO, TransLand; Alex Hood, executive director of customer service, RE Garrison Trucking; and Carl Svendsen, chief strategy officer, Halvor Lines.

This on-demand webinar will help viewers understand:

  • How turning knowledge into action can positively impact a trucking company’s overall performance
  • Why successful performance improvements depend largely on implementing what is already known, rather than adopting new ways of doing things
  • How measuring internal processes instead of tasks will help improve operations and not just measure outputs

This presentation was hosted by Cottingham & Butler as part of its Unloaded Series.

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