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From Ideas to Action: A Guide to Understanding an ESOP Feasibility Study

When business owners retire or sell, they have several options for how to handle the ownership transition. A good choice for many companies is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, which can provide value and security to employees, help maintain the company’s legacy, and offer new opportunities for management.

Before committing to this unique business structure, an ESOP feasibility study is critical to help determine the pros and cons of an ESOP. The process is detailed in our whitepaper From Ideas to Action: A Guide to Understanding an ESOP Feasibility Study. Our guide includes information about:

  • Components of a feasibility study
  • How the study works
  • Interpreting data
  • Benefits of conducting the study

Business owners only have one chance to sell their company. For many, an ESOP is the best decision and a feasibility study can help confirm this with data and detailed analysis. Learn more about ESOP feasibility studies by downloading our whitepaper.

Andy Manchir Partner, Business Valuation & ESOP Services

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