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How Your Veterinary Hospital Can Avoid the Great Resignation

September 30, 2021

Veterinary Services Group

This year many veterinary hospitals have found it difficult to fill open positions and recruit new staff members. While hiring is needed to help support and grow the hospital, it’s imperative that hospitals focus on retaining their existing employees. Offering competitive wages is certainly an important factor in staff retention, but consider these other ways to keep your hospital from falling victim to the “Great Resignation”:

  • Prioritize employee well-being and growth: The pandemic caused many employees to re-evaluate their priorities and clarify what is truly important to them. For many, this means making changes to their current career path and focusing on personal development. In order to retain staff, consider offering benefits to support employees’ mental and physical health. This can be done by providing access to mental health services or by offering assistance to employees interested in obtaining a new certification, such as the certified veterinary technician (CVT) designation. By investing in your employees, you may find that they are more devoted to their work and loyal to the hospital.
  • Consider holding “stay interviews”: Exit interviews are helpful in understanding why an employee has chosen to leave a hospital. But, by that point, it’s too late for the business to make any changes to keep that employee. Therefore, some businesses have started conducting stay interviews with their current staff. These interviews give business owners a deeper understanding of employee concerns and issues while they’re still on staff. By listening to the feedback received, you may be able to make positive changes at the hospital to retain current staff members.
  • Emphasize a community focus: Many employees want to feel like they are making a positive impact in their community. Since many veterinary staff members choose to work at a veterinary hospital because they love animals, be sure to connect with this passion on a regular basis. For instance, your hospital could begin a fundraising campaign that benefits the local humane society or an animal shelter. By promoting this type of community involvement, staff may feel more engaged and like they are serving a greater purpose each day.

When it comes to achieving the best staffing levels at your hospital, remember that it can be just as important to retain your existing staff as it is to attract new ones. By listening to employee concerns and adapting to their needs, you may find that you are able to improve the skills and satisfaction of your staff as well as increase the overall strength of your team. For more insight on what today’s veterinarians value, download the Veterinary Guide to Best Practices, Vol. 4.

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