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8 Pet Boarding Considerations for Veterinary Hospitals

March 29, 2023

Veterinary Services Group

As the weather gets warmer, pet owners start thinking about summer plans, including vacations. For veterinary hospitals, that means increased demand for pet boarding. Here are several considerations as your hospital prepares for the summer boarding season.

  • Do you have seasonal pricing guides like hotels and airlines? Could your hospital implement seasonal pricing for pet boarding during high-demand periods?
  • Do you take the opportunity to educate pet owners about additional services, such as reserving additional playtimes or offering grooming services during their stay?
  • Do you provide complimentary baths, or do you charge for them?
  • Has your hospital considered providing complimentary technician visits upon admittance?
  • Does your boarding facility have check-out times that allow you to rent out the cage or area again later in the day? If a dog is staying all day but being picked up in the evening, do you charge an additional fee?
  • Does your hospital hit the kennel labor target of 40% of kennel revenue?
  • Have you considered allowing customers to schedule online?
  • If your hospital provides doggy daycare, how is the daily rate determined?

Considering the above items can help boarding facilities identify opportunities to increase revenue through organization, scheduling, client communication, and pricing strategies.

Please contact KSM’s veterinary consulting team with questions or if you’d like help improving your hospital’s profitability.

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