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Calculation of Value

see the road ahead.

Ready to unlock the value of your transportation company?

Whether you are considering a family succession, a transition to employee ownership, sale to a third party—or you are looking to navigate a path forward for company growth—understanding the value of your transportation business is a critical first step.

Without a clear understanding of the true value of your business, making decisions about the future can amount to a guessing game. Are your expectations in line with the market? Should you accept that offer on the table? If you sell now, will you walk away with enough after tax proceeds to fund your retirement dreams?

Gain the insight you need to chart a path forward with KSM Advantage, a calculation of value report. This concise, affordable report gives you the intelligence you need, when you need it—so you can make decisions that will realize, build, or protect the value of your business.

Whether you are busy growing your transportation company or approaching retirement, a calculation of value by the transportation specialists at Katz, Sapper & Miller allows you to move forward with activities that include:

  • Planning for growth and profitability
  • Creating an action plan to improve profitability and increase the value of the company
  • Setting a realistic selling price
  • Evaluating purchase offers, including the tax impact of the transaction
  • Negotiating with potential buyers
  • Planning your exit strategy
  • Establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) strategy
  • Making retirement decisions
  • Assessing insurance needs
  • Investing in equipment and technology

We know what drives your company’s value.

KSM has been helping the transportation and logistics industry move forward for more than 75 years. Currently serving more than 110 transportation and logistics companies throughout the U.S., we know the factors that drive your growth and profitability—from revenue per truck per day, to driver safety record and retention rate.

Choose the right path forward, fueled by the right intelligence. Contact KSM to learn what your transportation business is worth.