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Where IT Professionals Go and Why

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Is your business looking for information technology personnel? Turns out, so is everyone else. Are you located in the Midwest? The fact of the matter is, you might be facing more competition than ever before. Midwest firms have long been losing IT personnel to well-known mountainsides and beach-laden coasts, and it now appears the enticement of coastal companies won't stop with landmarks. 

While Midwest companies have always dealt with losing homegrown IT talent, they could always count on select Midwesterners who couldn't bear to leave the family-friendly, simple living behind. Coastal companies have caught on to this, and the fact that beautiful scenery often comes with a higher cost of living and increased traffic that most Midwesterners fail to appreciate.  

In a recent panel discussion at the Indianapolis Business Journal's Technology Power Breakfast, Brad Wheeler, IU's vice president for IT and CIO, mentioned that coastal companies are battling this hometown appreciation by offering these skilled Midwest IT workers the option of telecommuting.

How can the Plain-Jane Midwest counter this development and not only retain homegrown talent but also snatch coastal recruits? Aman Brar, president of Apparatus, thinks we could modify our legislation. His thought is, while we can't move mountains or create oceans, we can certainly reduce the amount of socially conservative legislation in our respective regions. While this isn't a direct solution for making the Midwest more marketable,  Brar points to this approach as a way to change how the Midwest, its companies and its laborers are perceived.

For companies currently in the predicament of finding qualified IT professionals, changing state legislation is not an immediate solution. However, working for a change today could lessen the painful task of finding talented employees years from now.

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Charles Decker is a member of Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Tax Department. Charles is responsible for compliance and technical review of federal tax issues. He provides analytical research and planning services in the areas of individual and business taxation. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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