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MBA Grads Finding Available Jobs in Manufacturing

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The popularity of "office" jobs within the manufacturing sector is growing. A survey released by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) indicated MBA graduates who seek positions in the manufacturing and healthcare industries were more likely to receive early job offers than those applying in other industries. The survey of more than 3,000 graduate students from around the globe revealed 74% of graduates seeking positions in manufacturing fields actually landed jobs, compared to only 57% in the finance and accounting fields. 

Regarding manufacturing and related industries, GMAC’s survey research director, Gregg Schoenfield, commented, “There’s high demand, and people interested in those industries are becoming quite successful.”

The survey also implied that graduates who entered the manufacturing field were more likely to have no previous experience in the industry, indicating that manufacturers are successfully reaching out to business schools.

While these numbers are encouraging and strong selling points for manufacturing employers, only 7% of MBAs are looking for work in the industry, leaving room for improvement from a recruiting perspective. Manufacturers can attract MBA graduates by selling the many changing aspects of the industry, including the appeal of shorter work days than finance jobs, increasingly high-tech related positions, larger salary increases than other industries, and alluring energy- and cost-saving problem solving opportunities.

For more information, see the Global Management Education Graduate Survey.

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