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Manufacturing: The Facts

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The National Association of Manufacturing recently released some interesting facts about the U.S Manufacturing industry.

  • The United States is the world's largest manufacturing economy, producing 21 percent of global manufactured products. China is second at 15 percent and Japan is third at 12 percent.1
  • U.S. manufacturing produces $1.6 trillion of value each year, or 11.2 percent of U.S. GDP.2
  • Manufacturing supports an estimated 18.6 million jobs in the U.S.—about one in six private sector jobs.3 Nearly 12 million Americans (or 9 percent of the workforce) are employed directly in manufacturing.4
  • In 2009, the average U.S. manufacturing worker earned $74,447 annually, including pay and benefits. The average non-manufacturing worker earned $63,122 annually.5
  • U.S. manufacturers are the most productive workers in the world—twice as productive as workers in the next 10 leading manufacturing economies.
  • U.S. manufacturers perform two-thirds of all R&D in the nation, driving more innovation than any other sector.6
  • Taken alone, U.S. Manufacturing would be the 9th largest economy in the world. 7

For more details, read the full report, The Facts About Modern Manufacturing.

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Justin Hayes is a director in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Audit and Assurance Services Group as well as being a member of the Not-for-Profit and Governmental Services Groups. Justin works with clients to help them avoid risk and maximize efficiencies by keeping an eye on their bottom line and helping ensure accurate financial reporting. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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