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‘Grow Your Restaurant’ Podcast: Patrick Tamm of the Indiana Restaurant Association 2016 Update

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Grow Your Restaurant podcast, presented by Katz, Sapper & Miller's Restaurant Services Group

Highlights of This Episode

Patrick Tamm, president and CEO of the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association, joins us to discuss the upcoming changes to minimum wage and overtime legislation and what that will mean for the hospitality industry.

This segment is an update to a discussion held with Tamm last year on the ‘Grow Your Restaurant’ program when the legislation was first announced. In the current episode, Tamm shares his observations on how the industry has already evolved in preparation for the Dec. 1, 2016 enactment, the expected challenges, and what lies ahead. 

Topics discussed include:

  • How local government can help restaurateurs gain a better understanding of how the legislative changes will impact their specific state
  • Why the overtime law will be the same for all states no matter the cost of living
  • How the overtime law changes will impact labor-intensive industries such as hospitality
  • How some restaurateurs have begun planning for the upcoming changes and the lessons they have learned along the way
  • What resources are available for more information in the future
  • Where the changes will take the hospitality industry in the long-term

Additionally, the discussion reviews how many restaurant owners transition from entry-level employees and work their way up, providing a unique perspective of how wage and overtime changes will affect employees at all levels. Tamm also felt strongly that the changes will be a “bone-crushing regulation for the hospitality industry” and change the structure of restaurant employment and ultimately the customer experience.

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About the Podcast
Jim White of Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Restaurant Services Group hosts the "Grow Your Restaurant: Recipes for Financial Success" podcast. Each episode examines the keys to achieving financial success and features insights from leading restaurant owner-operators. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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