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Getting the Most Out of Your Freight Network

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With the new hours-of-service rule set to take effect in just over a week and the trucking industry feeling the effects of the current driver shortage (Driver Shortage Continues Throughout Trucking Industry), it is more important than ever for trucking companies to get the most out of their freight networks. No one knows for certain what the impact will be, but many are speculating that the majority of companies in the industry will be impacted negatively.  Some are anticipating as much as a 5 percent loss in overall productivity. 

Doing more with less, or more with the same, seems to be the new theme across much of the American workforce during the recent years and this has been no different for trucking companies. Trucking companies are going to be faced with the dilemma of absorbing these productivity losses to their already thin operating margins or work closely with their customers and shippers in a search for solutions that will help all parties involved.

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