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From Ideas to Action: A Guide to Understanding an ESOP Feasibility Study

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An important decision for every business owner is how to handle retirement. There are many possible scenarios to consider, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Should the business close entirely or sell off to a larger operation? Is there a family member who could take over?

Certainly financial security and a return on the investment of years of hard work and resources are large factors. It may also be critical to ensure that employees are taken care of and the community retains a vital contributor.   

One option – selling the company to its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP – is worth evaluating. An ESOP can provide value and security to the people loyal to the company’s growth, help maintain the business owner’s legacy, and offer new opportunities for its management team.

If an ESOP sounds like it may be a reasonable option, now is a good time to undertake an ESOP feasibility study. Learn more about this important first step in our whitepaper including:

  • What are the components of an ESOP feasibility study?
  • What data does the ESOP feasibility study provide? 
  • Are there other benefits to conducting an ESOP feasibility study that do not lead to an ESOP?

Explore our guide to learn how to use the data from an ESOP feasibility study to help determine the best course of action in exit planning.

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