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Are you getting the most out of your Medicare RAC process?

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So the Medicare RAC program is upon us and perhaps you’ve done some auditing in preparation for its arrival; but now that you’re up and running, how do you know if your Medicare RAC process is operating efficiently? Here are a few questions you should be asking:

  1. Are timelines and resources being managed appropriately to provide the best opportunity at protecting and retaining payments?
  2. Are successes and failures being appropriately quantified and reported?
  3. Are you getting the most you should out of the database you’re paying for?
  4. Do you receive Medicare RAC letters for other care providers (e.g., physicians) and business entities (e.g., provider-based relationships, DME, home health) associated with the hospital and how are those handled in a timely manner so as to not put your business partners at risk?
  5. How does your internal RAC program integrate with other governmental and third-party audit initiatives (e.g., Medicaid RAC/MIC, ZPIC)? Are exclusions being identified?

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