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DuVall to Lead Discussion on Best Practices in Angel Investing

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Tim DuVall, partner in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Business Advisory Group and leader of the firm’s Technology Industry Services Group, will speak at the Best Practices in Angel Investing event, taking place Nov. 8 in Lafayette, IN. Hosted by Elevate Ventures, VisionTech, Purdue Ventures, and MatchBOX, the seminar is geared toward educating future and current angel investors on preferred standards in the business. DuVall will discuss legal and tax responsibilities and best practices for angel investors.
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How to Maximize ROI After Buying a Company

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With increasing competition and heightened multiples commonly seen in today’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, some private equity firms and strategic investors have opted for less aggressive due diligence in hopes of reducing the hurdles to closing the deal.
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Is Your Real Estate Fund a True Investment Company or Just an Operator?

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As the stock market has shown volatility over the last several years, many high-net worth, sophisticated and institutional investors have used various forms of alternative investments to supplement their portfolios. A popular investment choice has been real estate-related funds.
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