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Managing Cash Flow in Times of Uncertainty

Posted 8:00 PM by
The unprecedented events in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting every business in complex ways. Maintaining adequate cash flow to sustain successful operations is likely to elevate as a significant risk for many companies. However, there are tried-and-true processes that can help identify a potential cash crunch and maximize critical reaction time to avoid or minimize business interruption.
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What's Driving the Value of Your Trucking Company?

Posted 5:30 PM by
For any privately held company, the topic of valuation frequently resonates with its owner. There are numerous factors that impact the direction of valuations, and it is certainly a challenge to keep track of, let alone influence, the abundant drivers of value. In the last two years alone, company valuations have been positively impacted by tax reform and an overall rising stock market. Trucking company valuations have also been negatively impacted by certain industry trends: driver shortages, volatile fuel prices, and excess capacity.
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