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2017 Indiana Legislative Update

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My colleagues often criticize me for what they call my “dad humor,” or my weakness for a well (or badly) timed pun. I’ll plead guilty as charged, especially as I think about some of the challenges that faced the Indiana General Assembly this past legislative session. The road was a long and bumpy one as legislators finally found a way to drive more funding to highway improvements and infrastructure. It took a lot of hard labor trying to solve many of Indiana’s workforce challenges. And some might say both houses avoided a time-out by directing more dollars to pre-K education.
Our crack team of attorneys, CPAs, and other smarty-panted professionals watched new bills closely this past session. All of that hard work resulted in this, our annual comprehensive summary of the 2017 General Assembly. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Indiana Department of Revenue will start requiring vendors to collect sales tax based on their volume of sales into the state, not whether they have a physical presence in Indiana.
  • The state will have millions of more dollars to spend on making Indiana more business friendly, from additional money for start-ups to more funding for flights to and from the state.
  • Indiana property tax appeal deadlines will go from a free-for-all by jurisdiction to a common June 1 deadline (starting in 2019).

Read the complete 2017 Indiana Legislative Update.

About the Author
Tim Cook is the partner-in-charge of Katz, Sapper & Miller's State and Local Tax Group. Tim assists clients with complex business restructurings, negotiates settlements at both the audit and appeals level, and provides tax advocacy services. He also works closely with companies during the site selection process, helping them make data-driven location decisions while fully leveraging economic incentives. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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