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Government Advisory

Leading the Public Sector Toward a Brighter Future

You have a vision for your community, but roadblocks – like time, budget, or capacity limitations – get in the way. That’s where KSM can help. We help state and local governments do more with less, offload time-consuming projects with confidence, and craft a community strategy that takes advantage of future opportunities while addressing present challenges.

Because of our experience serving in the public sector, we know how to get things done while effectively navigating changing rules and regulations. Whether working across the entire lifecycle or helping with a single project, we work seamlessly as an extension of your team, driving toward your goals and removing barriers so you can build a brighter future for your community.

No two communities are the same, so we tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs. While our advisors can work alongside you in a wide variety of ways, here are some specific areas where we can help.

Economic Development

Job creation. Economic resiliency. Improved quality of life for residents. When it comes to economic development, we’re passionate about helping your community grow and thrive.

We work closely with you and other key stakeholders to understand your goals and your area’s unique dynamics. Combining that information with robust data analysis, we create an economic development strategy that has clear, realistic objectives.

But we don’t stop there. We work as an extension of your staff to deliver on economic development programs, helping you turn your community’s strategic vision into a reality. We can also conduct economic impact analyses, tax abatement analyses, and tax increment financing (TIF) revenue analyses to help you quantify the value and benefit of projects for your community.


Growing communities need a reliable, future-focused workforce strategy – one that relies on community and business partnerships, includes next generation skills development, addresses childcare needs, and aligns with the community’s overall economic development efforts.

We work alongside communities to help them assess their current workforce availability – considering both residents and commuters – and projected talent attraction. We address workforce misalignments by developing both strategic and tactical solutions that will help communities attract and retain top talent and support the future workforce for years to come.


A reliable broadband infrastructure is a vital component of a community’s infrastructure – and can help fuel growth.

At KSM, we work with you to help develop and implement your broadband infrastructure while reducing your time invested in managing the process. We take a comprehensive approach – analyzing mapping data, evaluating funding opportunities, and engaging with broadband stakeholders – so all factors are considered. And we manage the procurement process, including issuing the request for proposal (RFP) and negotiating with vendors on your behalf.

Our goal is to simplify the process and ensure your community’s broadband infrastructure provides the foundation for future growth.

Operations & Administration

Capacity limits and time constraints can be barriers to accomplishing your objectives. We can help. Our operations and administration services are designed to add expertise and capacity to your staff by taking projects off your plate. Whether it’s providing procurement process support (including RFP management), engaging stakeholders, managing a program, or conducting an organizational assessment, we can help you do more with what you already have.

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