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KSMTA Canada

Transportation Consulting Services That Help Carriers Drive Success

Many factors play a role in a trucking company’s success. Carriers – the backbone of our economy – must remain focused on delivering goods, while also keeping an eye on strategic development to stay relevant for the future. That’s why our main goal is to help carriers increase profitability by identifying their most pressing needs and designing and implementing initiatives to support ongoing financial and operational growth.

Garner Trucking explains KSMTA’s role in optimizing profitability.

KSMTA Canada was formed in 2021 as a division of KSM Transport Advisors (KSMTA). With a focus on serving carriers with operations across Canada’s diverse territories and provinces, as well as cross-border freight and logistics, KSMTA Canada has adopted the proven processes and methodologies of its parent company. KSMTA was founded in 2006 as part of the KSM Business Services network and is a leading provider of financial advisory services exclusively serving the trucking and logistics segments of the transportation industry.

You Can Only Manage What You Measure

Our unique service offerings focus on helping carriers improve profits by enhancing margins, gaining efficiencies, and driving down operating costs using proprietary processes that identify useful data to create actionable solutions. We know and understand the fundamentals of profitability for a trucking company. By analyzing a combination of operational and financial data in several key areas, we provide customized solutions that address each carrier’s specific challenges.

Optimize Your Operations

A carrier’s main focus is on its customers and drivers. Our main focus is on carriers and helping them find the right balance to achieve their goals. As both professional service providers and former transportation executives, our consultants are exclusively committed to the trucking industry. We are very familiar with the day-to-day process of running a trucking business and the complexities of operating a transportation company in today’s technology-focused environment.

Communication is crucial, and the consistent and open dialogue we maintain with our clients helps us identify potential concerns and evaluate solutions for all parts of a carrier’s business in order to craft meaningful recommendations. All of our professionals are well-informed on emerging industry topics and trends and use this information to suggest innovative solutions that best serve our clients’ needs.

Success Is Never Final

To discuss how we can help you better understand your company’s key operations and develop profitable strategies for success, contact a member of our team directly, or complete this form.

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Chris Henry Chief Operating Officer, KSM Transport Advisors & KSMTA Canada

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