Leading His Firm, Living His Principles

Irwin Katz, Founder of Katz, Sapper & Miller

Irwin Katz, the founder of Katz, Sapper & Miller, passed away Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, at the age of 96. He passed peacefully with his family by his side.

KSM stands for lifetime relationships, integrity and entrepreneurship. Mr. Katz did more than embody these principles himself. He instilled them in his firm, and made them an indelible part of KSM’s proud corporate culture. 

Born in Philadelphia, raised in New York City, Mr. Katz’s modest upbringing gave him a deep respect for the value of the dollar. More than any other single trait, it is this appreciation that enabled him to help clients achieve their financial goals, and to build KSM into one of the nation’s premier CPA and consulting firms.

Mr. Katz was born with a gift for numbers. After honing his public accounting skills at a public firm in New York and at North American Aviation in Kansas City, Mr. Katz was drafted into the service during World War II and ordered to report to Camp Atterbury, in southern Indiana – though not before marrying the love of his life, Ann Katz. 

The couple moved to Indianapolis after the war, where Mr. Katz joined Levy & Calderon in 1952. His name was added to the door that same year. Mr. Katz arrived at his new firm with a deeply held conviction that a company’s balance sheet was more than numbers on a piece of paper; it told a story. His abiding interest in the stories behind the numbers revealed not just Mr. Katz’s industriousness, but also his commitment to his clients.  

Honest, objective, with a healthy curiosity and a quiet sense of humor, Mr. Katz set an example with his solid work ethic, and a determined mindset that refused to move on from a challenge until he found a solution. He took great pride in watching KSM grow into the firm it is today. We will strive to continue to be the firm that Irwin Katz always envisioned, one that is reputed for its expertise, committed to its community, responsible to its employees and dedicated to every client’s success.

Thank you, Mr. Katz … for everything.