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Our History

Katz, Sapper & Miller began as a small, dedicated CPA firm in Indianapolis and grew by helping our clients tend and advance their closely held, family-owned businesses.

A Look Back Through the Years

For decades, KSM was known as Indiana’s go-to tax and audit firm – a reputation we continue to hold to this day.

But our reputation and reach have grown. Today, we have multiple offices and serve an impressive roster of clients across the nation who count on us to be their trusted advisors.

Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis


Lewis Levy opens a public accounting firm in Indianapolis.

Irwin Katz & Company - Indianapolis

1943 – 1974

Joseph Calderon joins Levy in 1948. Irwin Katz joins Levy & Calderon in 1952. Theodore Sapper and Curtis Miller join the firm in 1960 and 1962, respectively. The firm is renamed Irwin Katz & Co. in 1963.

Irwin Katz, Ted, Sapper, & Curt Miller

1975 – 1991

Irwin Katz & Co. is renamed Katz, Sapper & Miller in 1975. Curt Miller is named managing partner in 1977. Growing rapidly, the firm relocates its Indianapolis headquarters twice in 1980 and 1991, respectively.

David Resnick - Our History - 1992-2008

1992 – 2008

KSM celebrates 50 years in business in 1992. To provide an ownership stake in the company to all employees, KSM becomes an ESOP in 2001. KSM announces in 2002 that David Resnick will lead the 100-person firm as managing partner. The firm moves to its current Indianapolis headquarters at 800 E. 96th Street in 2003. KSM acquires Indianapolis-based Heaton and Eadie in 2008.

KSM Staff Celebrating 75 Years

2009 – 2018

KSM launches its first annual Community Day in 2009. The firm opens its New York City office in 2013. Fort Wayne-based Krouse, Kern & Co., Inc. joins KSM in 2015. KSM is named Indiana’s #1 Best Place to Work in 2016. The firm celebrates 75 years of doing business in 2017.

Our History - 2019-Present - Tim Cook

2019 – Present

Tim Cook is named KSM’s CEO and president, effective Jan. 1, 2021. Today, we’ve grown to one of the top 50 largest independent CPA firms providing advisory, tax, and audit services to thousands of clients across the United States.

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