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KSM Announces Director and Manager Promotions

September 27, 2022


It is our pleasure to announce KSM’s newly promoted directors and managers.

These talented individuals have delivered on their commitment to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients. Their drive, skills, and curiosity push them to think outside of the box to develop innovative solutions to complex problems and serve their clients with excellence.

 2022 Directors

Allison Allen | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Kari Baker | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Mohit Desai | Business Advisory Group

Ben England | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Lesley Freeman | Healthcare Resources Group

Jennifer Grady | Business Advisory Group

Laura Gualdoni | Tax Services Group

Julia Harcourt | Business Advisory Group

Megan Hudson | Real Estate Services Group

Grace McNulty | Real Estate Services Group

Corey McSweeney | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Chad Miller | KSM Location Advisors

Tim Mosier | Tax Services Group

Tim Murphy | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Josey Seabolt | Business Advisory Group

Stephen Short | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Victoria Snyder | Tax Services Group

Alexis Sowder | KSM Location Advisors

Logan Stamps | Business Advisory Group

Matt Svenstrup | Transaction Advisory Services Group

2022 Managers

Mitchell Baker | Business Advisory Group

Karyn Buibish | Healthcare Resources Group

Kristen Bush | Business Advisory Group

Nick Dean | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Logan Delaney | Audit & Assurance Services Group

Wil Denari | Valuation Services Group

Katie Hoekstra | Business Advisory Group

Kaylin Jarvis | Business Advisory Group

Morgan Juillerat | Healthcare Resources Group

Matt Kaplanis | Business Advisory Group

Rick Linton | Business Advisory Group

Tom Lowery | Real Estate Services Group

Caleb Martin | Transaction Advisory Services Group

Emily Penn | Healthcare Resources Group

Stephania Pfeiffer | Tax Services Group

Landon Rehrer | Business Advisory Group

Liz Rettger | Business Advisory Group

Angie Vitale | Business Advisory Group

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