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Finding Efficiencies and Embracing the New Normal Can Help Veterinary Hospitals Survive the Pandemic

July 31, 2020

Veterinary Services Group

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has affected every veterinary hospital in some way, shape, or form. While dealing with the pandemic has not always been easy or stress-free, many hospital owners have been successful in adapting their businesses to continually meet the needs of pet owners. Even though change can be difficult, it has resulted in many helpful lessons that hospitals can now learn from and continue to utilize moving forward. Here are just a few of the positive lessons learned throughout the pandemic:

  1. Staff can be efficient. Since many hospitals reduced hours or limited the number of staff in the building, staff have adapted by improving their processes and finding efficiencies. As schedules begin to return to the “new normal,” remember to prioritize the importance of working smarter – not harder.
  2. Telemedicine works. Because pet owners have not been allowed to enter hospitals, clients have been much more open to meeting virtually with their veterinarian. Whether through a phone or video call, utilizing technology to address a pet’s health and receive doctor recommendations has become an effective way to treat patients during the pandemic.
  3. Curbside drop-off is well received. Even though some pet owners prefer to be in the exam room with their pets, this is no longer a requirement for all. Some clients prefer the flexibility of being able to drop their pet off for their appointment in the morning. This allows pet owners to move along with their day uninterrupted while still prioritizing their pet’s health.
  4. Clients like online ordering. Since people have been wary of shopping in public, many hospitals have seen an increase in the amount of online orders they have received. These sales help to further increase revenue without increasing the staff’s already busy workload.

For more information on how you can navigate these changing times, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center or contact KSM’s veterinary consultants.

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