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Workplace Flexibility

Having a say over your day – where you work, when, and how much – is more important than ever.

Your Workday, Your Way

Flexibility in your workday is important to you, and we embrace how flexible work arrangements benefit our people, our clients, and our firm!

KSM’s work-from-home philosophy empowers our employees to work remotely, whether on occasion, a few times a week, or on a full-time basis. Today, many of our employees work a hybrid schedule, which provides both the flexibility that comes with working remotely – from home or elsewhere – and the benefits of working in the office, including collaboration and camaraderie.

The number of KSMers working outside of our four office locations continues to grow, too – in fact, we’ve recruited talented people from all over the U.S. (20 states and counting)! To help facilitate connections between our remote employees and those in our offices, we established a remote employee resource group focused on creating opportunities to connect and engage through learning opportunities, social events, and recognition.

I really wanted to have a career and be a mom and feel like I was doing well at both. And that’s when I found KSM.
– Karen Lewis, Tax Manager

For many years, we’ve also offered structured modified work arrangements that enable our people to customize their schedules. Some work shorter weeks throughout the year, while others work more hours during busy season and reduce their hours during the summer and over the holidays. We understand that you have a life outside of work, and we want you to live it!

Our remote work philosophy is built on trust and three principles our employees have committed to – being productive, effective, and connected, no matter when or where they’re working. And for our part, KSM is committed to putting our people first by offering all employees the opportunity to find the flexible arrangement that works best for them.

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