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Professional Development

Every career is a journey, and KSM’s professional development courses have been designed to help employees navigate the twists and turns of their career and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Chart Your Course for Success

Your professional development will include technical training, leadership development, and personal growth. The objective is to chart a course that provides you with the knowledge base, practical experience, and skillset you need to thrive in your current position and prepare you for your next opportunity. A competency framework also helps employees develop the key behavioral and professional skills they need to excel. At KSM, there are no limits.

As part of KSM’s learning and development framework, you’ll have access to courses taught by consultants, college faculty, and industry leaders, as well as our own subject-matter experts. If the right training isn’t available inside the firm, we support and help facilitate participation at outside conferences, seminars, and forums that contribute to your continued professional development.

How, when, and where you advance at KSM is ultimately in your hands. You define it – you achieve it.

We're Looking for
Remarkable People

At KSM, you’ll be encouraged to find your purpose, exercise your creativity, and drive innovation forward.

Explore a Career Full of Possibilities