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Walmart Continues to Drive Supply Chain Efficiency

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Walmart announced in early November 2012 that they had developed a prototype 60 foot tractor-trailer unit. The prototype has almost 30 percent more capacity than a traditional 53 foot trailer and can carry 40 percent more freight when a “drome” or belly box (that fills the wasted space between the trailer’s wheels) is included. Walmart obtained a permit to operate the prototype in Ontario, Canada and it may be rolled out in the United States and other areas if this unit is successful. 

"Innovative and efficient transportation solutions are essential to achieving Walmart's sustainability goals," said Andy Ellis, senior vice president of supply chain and logistics for Walmart Canada. "This new trailer allows us to deliver more products to our stores, using fewer trucks, thereby reducing our impact on the environment." 

Walmart has been long considered an innovator in creating efficiencies throughout their supply chain as technological advances occur that allow them to continue their success as a global retail and distribution powerhouse.

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