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Podcast: ESOPs - Are They Right for Your Business?

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Mark Flinchum and Andy Manchir of Katz, Sapper & Miller’s ESOP Services Group join host Ed Mysogland on the "Defenders of Business Value" podcast to discuss ESOPs - Are They Right for Your Business? The episode explores the steps taken when a company considers ESOP formation, from the initial decision process to potential tax benefits and how an ESOP benefits employees.

Specific topics discussed include:

  • What is an ESOP?
  • Third-party sale versus ESOP
  • Who is and is not a good ESOP candidate
  • Industries best-suited for ESOPs
  • Tax incentives and benefits of an ESOP
  • How ESOPs are structured
  • ESOP benefits for employees
  • ESOP and management succession
  • Financing, capital, and ESOPs
  • Understanding the ESOP process

Listen to the “Defenders of Business Value” podcast on your preferred streaming platform:

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