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Is Your Company Lean?

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Have you ever taken a minute to look around your office, different areas of the manufacturing process, or the shipping and receiving area? Do you see waste? If yes, you may want to consider the implementation of lean processes.  

The idea of "lean" processes minimizes the lead time between the customer order and shipment of that order through the elimination of waste in the process. Waste is often described as non-value added activities and results (i.e., unnecessary movement of goods, excess inventory, product defects, etc.). Manufacturing and distribution processes can easily fall victim to such waste.  

While this concept is nothing new, it is often overlooked. If you haven't considered the waste in your process, take a few minutes to consider the implications. The time and cost savings may surprise you.

About the Author
Jason Patch is a partner in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Audit and Assurance Services Group and leads the firm’s Manufacturing and Distribution Services Group. Jason works with clients to ensure accurate financial reporting, keeping an eye on their bottom line, helping them avoid risk, and maximizing efficiencies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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