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A Guide to Best Practices for Veterinary Hospitals: Volume 2

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A Guide to Best Practices was created by our Veterinary Services Group with a single objective in mind: helping you run a healthy, efficient and profitable veterinary hospital. As a follow-up to our inaugural guide, the latest installment includes articles that address key issues pertaining to the well-being of your practice.        

  • “Enhancing Profitability Through Effective KPI Reporting” details the various ways veterinary owners rely on key performance indicators to gauge their hospital’s efficiency and profitability.
  • “23 Ways Hospitals Can Protect Against Thefts” gives helpful insights on what you can do to prevent your hospital from becoming a victim of theft or embezzlement.
  • “How Simple Math Can Help Maintain Standards of Care” shows how you can use your DVMs’ Average Invoice and Average Patient Visit scores to standardize the high level of care you provide your patients.
  • “6 Keys to Building a Turnkey Practice” – written by our newest team member, Dr. Scott Loepp – offers a personalized account of the many steps involved in making a veterinary practice both self-sufficient and self-sustaining. With more than 30 years of experience as a clinician, as both a partner and a sole owner, Dr. Loepp has dealt with all of the challenges of operating a successful business.

    We are proud to announce that Dr. Loepp has partnered with our Veterinary Services Group as an independent consultant. In this role, Dr. Loepp will advise on issues such as fee and medical record reviews, standards of care, operational workflow, and how to create a turnkey organization.

You are committed to running an efficient practice that provides the highest-quality care to every pet you treat. A Guide to Best Practices was designed to help you do just that. We hope you find this year’s guide to be a valuable resource.

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About the Author
Beth Scott is a director in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Veterinary Services Group. Beth's experience includes tax planning and compliance, financial statement analysis, forecasts and projections, establishing accounting systems, and key performance indicator reports. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

About the Author
Ali Todd is a director in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Veterinary Services Group. Ali works closely with clients to prepare client financial statements, tax returns and business plans as well as provide general business, consulting and accounting services. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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