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Seven Percent Off Your Next Purchase: Indiana’s Sales Tax Exemption for Restaurants

Posted 12:17 AM by
Are you paying more sales tax than you need to be paying? Unlike a majority of states, Indiana treats restaurants as manufacturers for purposes of the sales tax exemption for production. This can mean real savings of seven percent on purchases of equipment and utilities. In the competitive world of restaurant management, it is crucial to recognize where savings can be realized and how to go about claiming those savings.
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The Unique Challenges and Benefits of Multi-Unit Franchising

Posted 7:38 PM by
The challenges of operating multiple restaurant locations are very different than operating a single store. After interviewing multi-unit franchisees across the country, Jason Daley of Entrepreneur magazine, presents six keys for growing and managing a franchise empire.
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Are You Taking Advantage of the Special Rules for Food Donations?

Posted 3:36 AM by
If you are looking for ways to improve the net cash generated by your restaurant, take a closer look at the special rules for calculating the deduction for donated food. You are entitled to an enhanced tax deduction if you donate food to an organization qualifying under Section 501 and meet the following conditions.
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Will the Minimum Wage Change?

Posted 4:33 AM by
President Obama recently called for the hourly minimum wage to increase from $7.25 to $9. Although Congress has acknowledged the need to review this issue, they have yet to hold a hearing this year to discuss it. And due to other pressing matters – immigration reform, the farm bill and the continuing budget resolution – a vote on minimum wage will likely not happen in the near future.
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