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Mission & Values

For 80 years, we’ve met the needs of our clients by putting people first. Hiring the best and the brightest. Fostering a culture of collaboration. And investing in the communities we serve.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Inspiring great people to do great things is our mission. That may seem like a tall order for an advisory, tax, and audit firm, but we believe our purpose is to help others see possibilities, overcome their challenges, strive toward their dreams, and realize their potential. We call this “inspiration in action.”

Our Vision

At KSM, our vision of excellence is all about people – our people, our clients, and those in our communities.

Our Values

Our values are incorporated into our day-to-day life and define the behavior we expect from one another:


KSM Mission & Values | Unity


We operate as one firm across our services, industries, and geographies. We know that we are more successful acting together rather than acting apart. We believe in profit generation that does not infringe upon the mission, vision, and values of the firm. We will lead with a generous spirit and do the right thing, for the firm, our clients, our communities, and each other.

KSM Mission & Values | Nutruting


We help our people and our clients achieve their very best by developing caring, authentic relationships that last.

KSM Mission & Values | Ingenuity


We encourage diverse ideas, generate innovative, smart solutions, and foster an environment of collaborative entrepreneurialism.

KSM Mission & Values | Trust


The foundation of all great relationships, we earn and maintain the trust of our people, clients, and communities in all of our interactions.

KSM Mission & Values | Excellence


We are committed to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients through the excellence of our employee engagement, client experience, and service delivery.

KSM Mission & Values | Drive


We are inherently driven to go the extra mile in assisting our people, our clients, and our communities. We will be driven to exceed their expectations.

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At KSM, you’ll be encouraged to find your purpose, exercise your creativity, and drive innovation forward.

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