Helping You Take Care of You.

Everyone at KSM is different, each with their own needs, interests, and priorities. Wellbeing at KSM takes a holistic approach, designed to meet you where you are. KSM’s popular CORE program focuses on three key components of true wellbeing: physical, financial and relational. Its objective couldn't be more straightforward – to help you take care of you.

We help foster lifelong relationships that will positively impact your professional and personal lives.


We offer interactive, educational programming from industry experts, with an eye on helping you achieve financial security.


From onsite health screenings to ergonomic testing and stretch breaks, we combine mind and body strategies to ensure every employee feels his or her best.

That’s not all. We put our money where our philosophy is by offering financial support and/or incentives to help employees meet their overall wellbeing goals. Tools and activities that help you bring out your best are reimbursed, whether it’s purchasing a fitness tracker, signing up for a financial-planning class or getting a free flu shot; all while earning additional incentives as you come closer to meeting you goals.

For employees who appreciate an occasional pick-me-up, CORE also ensures the firm’s kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables and hummus, along with a variety of beverages and a few not-so-healthy items for that occasional craving. So, whether you are a dedicated vegan, protein-packer, or junk food junkie, we have something for everyone.

Making it easy for you to take care of you – all of you – is what CORE is all about.