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transfer pricing

Transfer pricing in the United States, and abroad, generally refers to all aspects of pricing intercompany arrangements between related business entities. As companies in the current global and United States economies may look at vertical integration to sustain or improve their returns, transfer pricing issues can quickly arise, as a result. And with that, uncertain tax positions may be in play for evaluation.

Katz, Sapper & Miller provides our clients with advice and support they can count on to help manage risk and optimize tax efficiency in the area of transfer pricing.

Effective planning, execution and/or defense for transfer pricing should be a collaboration of tax and legal, accounting and economist specialized knowledge. Putting all of this together is an exercise in project management. Katz, Sapper & Miller draws upon the specialized knowledge of its professionals in these areas to deliver the advice and support that will help you be confident in your compliance, as well as your performance. We may also utilize third-party specialists to assure we are satisfied with the level of perspective underlying our advice and support to you.

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