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Technical Accounting Advisory Services Resource Guides

KSM’s Technical Accounting Advisory Services team strives to simplify complex topics and better explain the impact they might have on business activities. The resource guides below are a great place to start a conversation internally or with a KSM team member.

Fraud Prevention: Critical Questions for Reimbursement Requests

Asking some rudimentary questions during the reimbursement approval process can help companies manage risk and protect against ever-evolving threats. When working through approvals of expense reimbursements and credit card purchase transactions, use these questions as a starting point. Access the resource here.

Which Engagement Scenario Is Right for Your Company?

Types of engagements vary in scope and depth, and the decision to go with one scenario over another is largely based on the reason it has been requested. This high-level overview of common engagement types is a handy guide. Access the resource here.

ASC 842, Leases: Key Decisions by Management

ASC 842, Leases requires management to make key decisions, especially during adoption. This tool outlines important aspects of each selection and is designed to assist management in making those key decisions. Access the resource here.

Basics of the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Model, ASU No. 2016-13

ASU No. 2016-13 requires entities with financial assets measured at amortized cost basis to present the current estimate of all expected credit losses as a deduction from the amortized cost basis. Learn more about the types of financial assets that will be impacted. Access the resource here.

Business Combinations – Asset Acquisition Versus Purchase of a Business

When entering into a business combination, there are many things for the acquirer to consider. However, the first and most important of those considerations is to determine whether the transaction is an asset acquisition or the purchase of a business. This determination has a significant impact on the accounting for the transaction. Use this guide to help determine a course of action. Access the resource here.

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